Zac - Border Collie Cross
A story of a dog's rehabilitation from aggression to fun family pet

Zac's portrait
Zac stalking
Zac on a hill
Zac on a couch

This is Zac - a challenge, a bundle of neuroses, loving, sensitive - our much loved dog.
He is affectionately known as Zac-a-Doodle-Dandy-Dog (or variations, thereof!)

Zac's life has been a complex one. His history includes abandonment, and probably some rough treatment. He wasn't easy to re-home, but it has been exciting and fun to get to know him, and to teach him that life isn't all bad! If you, too, own a difficult dog and want to know how we coped - or simply love a doggy tale - then read on.

We re-homed Zac when he was 4 years old. When we took him home, we knew he was "nervous of strangers." He certainly did not want to know us. What we didn't know was that this would mean he would soon bite two of our friends, terrorize the neighbours, be unwelcome in relatives' homes, and be avoided by the local dog owners. Zac's major problem was plenty of fear aggression!

Today he is a bit of a handful at times, but generally welcome wherever he goes. His behaviour is now usually acceptable, with occasional misdemeanors. His obedience is better than any of our previous dogs. It's been hard work but so very worth it. Have a look and see how we managed it ... and maybe take a peek at Zac's talents, too.


7 April, 2017